Spotting Signs of Alzheimers in Your Loved Ones

Family Time and Keeping Your Eye Out

Are you getting the family together over Easter? The various annual holiday seasons are often a time for family gatherings and an opportunity to spend quality time with those you might not often see. Particularly older relatives.

These get-togethers are the perfect time to pick up on certain things and to ensure nothing is amiss, especially if it’s been a while since you last saw them – this can make it easier to notice anything unusual. Alzheimer’s is very common and impacts millions every year – it can be hard to spot, or it can seem quite sudden. The earlier you are in spotting these signs and getting help, the better, as it makes it easier to handle and be more prepared for the changes that are going to happen.

Warning Signs

According to Alzheimer’s Society (, these are some warning signs that you might notice:

  • Memory loss – this is a very common early sign of dementia
  • Behaviour changes – are they acting out of character?
  • Communication and language
  • Do they seem slightly aggressive? This is due to frustration of some communication issues
  • Are they commenting on their sleeping habits? Does it seem they’re not sleeping much?
  • Perceptions and hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Do they seem withdrawn or avoiding social/work activities
  • Getting confused easily with times and places
  • Challenges in completing familiar or normal tasks
  • Walking about aimlessly
  • Sight and hearing loss is a sign of old age but sometimes dementia as well

If you notice any of the above, it is always worth advising your relative to get checked out. Their symptom(s) might not be anything to do with Alzheimer’s but ruling it out will give you piece of mind that they’re not struggling with this disease.

If they are, then there is lots of support and their GP will be able to properly diagnose them and prepare everyone involved. Visit to read more on the above symptoms and to find more resources and information. It will also be worth getting in touch with their local health care provider or community centre to find out what support and groups are offered within their region.

So while the Easter holidays will be filled with lovely family memories, it’s always a good time to look out for loved ones and make sure they’re ok.