Easy 8000 Mobility Scooter Tested By Stig

Easy 8000 mobility scooter demonstrated by A1’s Stig and a further description by our mobility expert.

New EU Rehabilitation System, COGWATCH, May Improve Independence In Stroke Patients


The EU has funded a project which has developed a rehabilitation system that could improve the cognitive function of people who have had a stroke. The COGWATCH project consists of portable and wearable devices and an ambient system which helps provide a better network of support for stroke survivors.

Stroke is the second biggest killer across the globe. Those that do survive are often left with physical or cognitive disabilities. Recovery from a stroke can be a long and testing process for the sufferer which needs support from loved ones, occupational therapists and other health care professionals.

A stroke can quickly take someone’s independence away from them – a devastating reality. Everyday tasks that most take for granted become almost impossible, such as using the toilet, brushing your teeth or making a cup of tea. This new programme is designed to help stroke patients regain some of that independence back.

COGWATCH comprises two tablet devices, one for the patient and one for the health care professional, which have sensors attached to the bottom of household objects that track the movement of each object. A video camera records the entire process on their tablet. The patient can select an action which activates an action-recognition system which monitors the patients actions and if they make a mistake, the computer will then prompt the correct actions with a video, text, audio or vibration.

The idea is that it feels like the patient has the support of someone there with them while maintaining their independence.

Our adopted Yakov has arrived!

We’re so pleased that Yakov has arrived today. We’ve been waiting in anticipation since we signed the adoption agreement with Keighley Cougars. Yakov was in need of a new home in return for a donation to the Danny Jones’ Fund.

We’ve just shown him round his new home. We’ll be updating you on Yakov’s progress so keep an eye on our blog, Twitter @A1Stairlifts1 and Facebook 

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The OT Conference, Brighton

Last week we headed down to sunny (and slightly stormy) Brighton for The OT Conference. In partnership with Stairlift and Mobility Recycling we set up stand to exhibit and explain our services.

It was encouraging to hear how stairlift and mobility recycling and reconditioned stairlifts and scooters are a much needed service. It was something of great interest to the OTs and they now have somewhere to refer their patients. It was also great to meet people in the OT industry and we made lots helpful contacts.

It was a busy couple of days and here is a photo round up:

photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4