I need help on adapting my home for my disability

Thanks to the ever rising life expectancy age, people are enjoying life for longer. As a result, increasingly more elderly people are finding it difficult to stay independent in their home. Alongside that, most people in life will experience some form of disability which can occur naturally, from old age, health issues or an accident.

What is the first step to adapting my home? 

The initial stage is to fully understand your disabilities so that your needs can be reviewed and evaluated this will help plan for now and potential future changes. Everyone is completely different and your local occupational therapist can be consulted to discuss this is more detail.

What changes need to be made to my home for my disability needs?

Depending on your needs, the possible changes to your home can be wide ranging from ensuring your front entrance is wide enough to fit a wheelchair or scooter, installing equipment such as bath lifts and stairlifts, adding hand rails in relevant places, making hallways and corridors wider, placing visual or hearing aids around the home, to motion sensors in case of a fall and emergency needs.

I need a stairlift…

We have been in the stairlift industry for many years and have expert knowledge of makes, models, sizes, fitting, engineering and servicing. Whether you need a curved, straight, want a brand new one or value for money reconditioned, need heavy duty, outdoor or bespoke, we can deal with all stairlift needs. We offer excellent warranties and after sale services.

I know what adaptations I need to make to my home, what do I do now?

Before you do anything, it is worth finding out if you are entitled to financial help with your home adaptations. Find out more by contacting citizen advice. Or speak to your local social services department at the council. They can arrange for someone to assess your situation and determine what help and funding is at hand.

Homeadapt Elite Curve Stairlift


Try this source to find your local occupational therapists http://www.cotss-ip.org.uk/find

The New A1 Super Light Mobility Scooter

A1 Super Lite – advanced light weight with extra leg room. Easy to use, easy to park and adjustable speeds. You can try before you buy  here at A1 Stairlift’s showroom on South Street in Keighley.

We have a wide range of new and reconditioned mobility scooters on offer along with everyday mobility products, rise and recline chairs and beds, and stairlifts.

Our partnership with Age Concern Birmingham


Following the OTC show last November, we’ve been in discussions with Age Concern Birmingham regarding our offering and have this week signed a contract to provide mobility solutions to its customers.

The charity was really interested in our well-rounded, affordable and environmentally friendly proposition. We are experts in the stairlift and mobility industry and specialise in reconditioned stairlifts – giving back like-brand-new stairlifts to the community at affordable prices. And we also offer stairlift and scooter recycling solutions.Homeadapt Elite straight stairlift

Customers of Age Concern Birmingham can now take full advantage of stairlift recycling and our affordable mobility products, giving them peace of mind and ensuring they’re making the most of their lifestyle.

Why use a recondition stairlift or mobility scooter? 

Our reconditioned and recycled stairlifts and mobility scooters are just as good as new.  They come with a 12 month warranty  and reconditioned products maintain a virtuous circle for the environment and the community.  Re-using the parts protects the environment and any parts that we can’t use are disposed of in a responsible way.

Our Recycling Solutions

Our Stairlift and Mobility Scooter Recycling Scheme operates UK wide. We provide a valuable service to the community and the environment by removing, reconditioning and recycling unwanted stairlifts and mobility scooters.  In most cases free of charge.  The only times we would charge is if the stairlift is more than 7 years old. Here we would charge £95 for the stairlift (chairlift) removal.

If you have an unwanted stairlift, by recycling your stairlift or mobility scooter with us you are helping someone in the community.

If you’re an Age Concern branch, or a charity and are looking for a partner to help with mobility and recycling solutions, we’d be delighted to speak to you.

For more information on Age Concern Birmingham, visit here 

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