Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are the best solution when your staircase doesn’t have corners, turns or additional landing areas and straight stairlifts are cheaper than other types of stairlift. They also have shorter installation times. We have a range of new and reconditioned straight stairlift models and prices are shown below. To view our range of straight stairlifts, take a look here:

Platinum Horizon Stairlifts

Platinum Horizon Straight Stairlift

Platinum Horizon The Platinum Horizon straight stairlift gives you a unique experience from start to finish. With ergonomic controls, powered swivel and a footrest linkage as standard, it has never been easier to get up and down stairs. It also has the option of an Ergo seat which is one of the most advanced stairlift chairs […]
Thyssen Levant Comfort Straight Stairlift

Thyssen Levant Comfort Straight Stairlift

Thyssen Levant Comfort Straight Stairlift If you have a straight stairway, the most stylish distance between two points is the Thyssen Levant Comfort Straight Stairlift. This model offers the comfort and innovation you can expect from ThyssenKrupp Access, plus the features that match even the most active lifestyles. With a compact design, the Levant Comfort […]
Thyssen Levant Straight

Thyssen Levant Straight Stairlift

Thyssen Levant Straight Stairlift Simple and capable, the Thyssen Levant Straight Stairlift is the economical choice for straight stairlifts. Offering the power and reliability of its siblings with streamlined options, the Levant is a more modestly priced stairlift for the budget-conscious customer—without compromising on design, features, and quality. Features include a simple joystick operation, compact […]
Minivator stairlifts

Minivator 950 +

The Simplicity 950 stairlift has been designed by Minivator who have made a great job of designing a stairlift that is compact and unobtrusive for people who have problems navigating the stairs. Not only is the Simplicity 950 straight stairlift sleek and stylish but it is also well constructed and reliable. Minivator make the Simplicity […]
Minivator 1000

Minivator 1000 Straight Stairlift

Minivator 1000 The Minivator 1000 straight stairlift comes with a choice of seats, optional powered features and a sleek hidden track. It offers a safe, stylish and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down stairs. For the price and more information on the Minivator 1000 please phone 0800 678 5261 or email
Minivator Perch

Minivator Perch Stairlift

Minivator Perch For those that find a seat position uncomfortable, Minivator Perch stairlifts are the perfect solution.  If you have restricted movement in your joints such as knee or hip, or you find it painful to sit, then the perch is designed for you. The Perch seat results in the user almost standing when on the […]