Happy Legs – Exercise From The Comfort Of Your Chair

happylegsshopproductHappylegs has revolutionised how people with mobility problems can exercise and improve circulation from the comfort of their own chair.

This simple to use device can be easily moved around and is remote controlled. All you need to do is sit down, put your feet on the Happylegs and use the remote control to take yourself for a walk.

Here is an example Happylegs video.

The award winning device functions using the same principles as walking. While alternatively moving your legs, at a speed comfortable for you, it gently massages your feet while you remain seated stimulating the muscles and sole sponge to help improve your blood circulation. Its perfect for people who spend most of their time sat down or for those that need assistance when walking.

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Does not use electric stimulus, Does not transmit electricity, no EMC issues
  • Can be used by pregnant women and people with pacemakers
  • Uses natural physical and mechanical movement to move your legs and aid circulation
  • Has a quick set up time
  • Can be used with socks or footwear
  • Has no known side effects or restrictions
  • Has no time limit on usage
  • Is endorsed and recommended by Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons
  • Is manufactured in Europe and certified in the EU to CE standards

Using the Happylegs as little as 30 minutes a day can make all the difference.  Don’t let lack of exercise be a problem for you any more.

We have a display product in the showroom which allows you to try before you buy and costs £348.


B-Warm Heated Seat Covers

A1 Stairlift Services has introduced a brand new product to its showroom, the B-Warm heated seat cover.


The award winning seat cover is a portable heat source that can be moved and attached to any chair you sit in. It is low energy meaning you can instantly reduce your heating bills. This is a great idea of those worried about loved ones getting cold this winter who can’t afford to have their heating on as it costs less and 0.5p per hour!

B-Warm is a therapeutic product that eases aches and pains and provide gentle heat from you neck to your knees. It is incredibly light making it easy to lift and move and it can be attached to almost any style of sofa or chair.

It has four adjustable settings for 10w to 45w controlled by a single button for ease and has a automatic switch off safety feature.

Machine washable, it is also stain resistant in case of any spillages.

Manufactured to a high standard, it meets the new NICE Guidelines as a product aimed at preventing ill health due to being cold at home.

We have these in stock in the showroom, 56 South Street Keighley, so call down and see if for yourself.