Curved Stairlifts

If your staircase has a bend, corner or a landing area midway, you’ll need a curved stairlift. Our curved stairlifts are tailor-made to fit your home are designed specifically to ensure a smooth comfortable ride.

The models shown below are new curved stairlifts but many are available more cheaply as a reconditioned model. Our reconditioned curved stairlifts are pre-loved but are just as good as new with a lifetime warranty.

Curved stairlift

Minivator 2000 Curved Stairlift

The Minivator 2000 Curved Stairlift The Minivator 2000 is unique. There is no other curved stairlift on the market that can be mounted so close to the wall. With a choice of six different colours of upholstery and any colour for the tracks, this stairlift can be tailored to match your home. See below for more […]
Platinum Curve

Platinum Curve Stairlift

Platinum Curve Stairlift The Platinum Curve is an extremely versatile stairlift, designed to fit unobtrusively to almost any curved staircase. The Platinum Curve Stairlift gives a smooth and gentle ride and steady travel on turns and corners. The seat is ergonomically styled and incorporates plump padding and cushioning. For the price and more information on […]
heavy duty Platinum curved stairlift

Platinum Heavy Duty Curved Stairlift

25 stone capacity heavy duty curved stairlift Thanks to the new Platinum heavy duty curved stairlift HD (heavy duty), larger than average people can enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride. Whether curved or split level staircases, the Platinum heavy duty curved stairlifts offers a quality, cost-effective curved stairlift to ensure safe mobility and retain more […]
Thyssen Flow

Thyssen Flow II Curved Stairlift

Thyssen Flow II The Thyssen Flow II is an elegant and thoughtful design. It has an array of features allowing it to access virtually any floor of a home with style. It also folds away safely and compactly. With the ability to safely travel the most winding stairways, it’s easy to see why the Thyssen […]
Curved stairlift

Homeadapt Elite Curved Stairlift

30 stone capacity curved stairlift With a rated weight capacity of 190 kg (30 stone), this heavy-duty curved stairlift is custom made and crafted to the exact specification of your stairway. It runs on a solid steel rail which is hand welded and takes you around corners and across intermediate landings with ease. With a […]