Minivator Perch Stairlift

Minivator Perch

For those that find a seat position uncomfortable, Minivator Perch stairlifts are the perfect solution.  If you have restricted movement in your joints such as knee or hip, or you find it painful to sit, then the perch is designed for you.

The Perch seat results in the user almost standing when on the lift. The shortened seat and retractable seat belt provides a stable support ensuring the perch position is completely safe and secure.

Perch seats are available on the Minivator 950+, Minivator 1000 and Minivator 2000 lifts. For more information please phone 0800 678 5261 or email

Minivator Perch Stairlift

Allowing you to be almost in a standing position when using the lift, the perch is available on the Minivator 950+, Minivator 1000 and Minivator 2000 lifts, making it more comfortable for those that struggle to sit down.


  • Max weight 19 stone (120 kg)
  • Easily adjustable swivel seat
  • Full remote control on this model
  • Easy to adjust seat height
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Unique design toggle switch
  • Very sleek and Narrow only 285mm when folded
  • Cut-out sensors for your safety
  • Smooth start-stop action
  • Comfortable Seat belt
  • 24v DC powered Battery
  • Continuous charging